The Vestry is the body of lay people, elected from among the members of the Parish, who are the agents and legal representatives of the parish in all matters concerning its corporate property. It gets its name from the days when churches only had two rooms: the worship space, and the small adjoining room where the clergy kept their vestments (called the “vestry”) and in which the church council would meet to make decisions. Elections are held at the parish annual meeting in January.

Vestry terms are usually for three years, although in the case where someone moves or is unable to complete his or her term, someone may be elected to serve-out the remainder of a term (i.e. for a one or two year term).

St. Stephen’s Vestry

Expiring January 2018:
Steve Halstead
Kathy Trotter
Christopher Templeton

Expiring January 2019:
Jonnelle Farver
Nancy Henderson
Jim Tracy

Expiring January 2020:
Janice Carpenter
Kay Clement
Brenda Malott