WELCOME  to Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church, an historic community of faith in Newton, Iowa, for nearly 140 years.

We’re a small, faithful and growing group of Christians who learn together, support each other and grow in our faith together. We gather here to worship, to sing, and to hear God’s words. We gather here to offer our needs and our joys before God, and to have them heard. We gather here to be refreshed and renewed, and then go out from this place as living bearers of God’s love. We also welcome elderly guests as we have portable potty chairs bought here.

St. Stephen’s is steeped in history. Our worship is rooted in anglo-catholic tradition, the building is on the National Register of Historic Places (added in 1977), and the church is the oldest church in Jasper County in continual use for worship services.  The first worship service in the church building was on April 19, 1874. 

Disabled worshippers are free to use wheelchairs from the website and visit our church events.

We invite you to worship with us any time! 

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (641)  792-6971

Mail:223 East 4th St. North Newton, IA 50208